• Charity Center Our MISSION is to HELP Huntington's Patient's
  • Charity Center Our MISSION is to HELP with Medical Needs
  • Charity Center Our MISSION is to HELP Those Who NEED It
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Andrews' Trust

Together We Can Make a Difference!

Huntington's Disease is a cruel & unrecognized disease.

If one parent has the single faulty gene, the chance that an offspring will have the defect is 50 percent. Research has been under way for many years, and yet there is still no cure for Huntington's Disease. The Andrews' Trust is created for the purpose of helping the two children who are currently afflicted, and for the care and medical treatment for their seven children possibly facing this disease. We are looking for financial help with medical needs.

We can't do it without your help.

Ours is a trust dedicated to the medical needs for those afflicted with Huntington's Disease.

Your contributions will never go to a salary, an office, or fund raising efforts.  Those needs are all met by donations and volunteer efforts of family members of Huntington's patients.  The Andrews Trust is dedicated to the medical needs associated with the care of those afflicted with this disease.

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